Why I Love Handjobs


Handjobs are magical. The way in which a few simple hand and wrist movements can transform a limp, flaccid organ into a proud, erect cock is truly amazing. A handjob is so versatile and can be adapted to circumstances or time available.

Handjobs feature a great deal in my relationship with S and are an act that I adore performing and get a great deal of pleasure from.

One of the ways I give a handjob is to combine it with a blowjob. I lie alongside S, with my head on his stomach, which is a huge turn-on for him. I start by pouring a small amount of baby oil onto his cock and let it run slowly down. I thoroughly massage the oil into his balls before moving my attention to his cock. I squeeze and stretch it, just the way he likes it. Once he starts to respond, I grip the shaft firmly and move my hand up very slowly until I reach the tip. I then slowly move my hand back down, lingering to run my thumb over his frenulum. After a few repetitions, I concentrate purely on the shaft by massaging and squeezing very firmly. When he starts to moan, I bend my head and suck and lick his cock. When it looks as if he is going to come, I pause for a few moments and start again. And then again and again. When I it’s time for him to come, I concentrate on his frenulum. A few strokes and he cannot hold back any longer. I keep rubbing, delighting at the warm stream erupting from his cock.  I continue to rub the same spot after he has ejaculated, which sees him juddering and convulsing in ecstasy for several moments.   Seeing and hearing the pleasure that S experiences from a simple handjob is immensely satisfying for me.

It’s not always possible to spend as much time as we would like to engaged in long and sensual  carnal pursuits. Sometimes, we have to make the most of our surroundings and any opportunities that arise. Otherwise known as a bit of car action. The car action mainly occurs following a lunchtime meeting in a pub. The first time we took advantage of a pub car park was completely spontaneous. The car was parked on the far side of the car park with no other cars nearby; from this position I could keep an eye on anyone nearby. I reached over and started to feel S’s cock through his jeans. He didn’t need any encouragement and positioned himself so I could easily get access to his cock. When giving a car handjob I end up using my left hand instead of my right, so it’s a little tricky to get the correct wrist movement. However, once in the rhythm, this is not too much of a problem.  Given the location, a car handjob is usually a quick act as I don’t tease him as I would usually. I concentrate on the movements that I know will get a quick result. I love that I get to see his reactions from a different angle. I also like the exhibitionistic element of it, which is definitely a turn on.

Giving a lingam massage is basically a handjob with two hands, but so much more than a quick up and down of the wrist. The ways in which a cock can be massaged to bring pleasure are endless. However, I will write in more detail on this particular area another time.


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Hair – Kink of the Week



Kink of the Week September 1-15: Hair

We have done pubic hair so I thought maybe we should also talk about the hair on our heads. For future reference we will also do other body hair.

Long hair, short hair, bald heads, curly, straight, wavy, blonde, red, black, brown, dyed, bangs (fringe for the UK’ers) tied up, let loose. I could go on and on with words that describe hair but you get the picture. Our hair is as varied and different as we are and it rarely stays the same throughout our lives. How we have our hair changes with time, mood, fashions, health and sometimes even wealth. Just as how we style our hair can change, so can how we feel about it.

Is hair in any way shape or form a kink for you? Could be your own or your partners? Maybe you have a thing for really long hair, is gender specific or is your love of hair more important than someones genitals? Do you have a kink for your own hair? Perhaps you have a specific style that you do to portray a certain personality or role, such a fierce tight bun to make you look like a school mistress, or girly pigtails when you are feeling ‘little’. We have already done pigtails as a kink of their own but if that is your thing feel free to cover it for this topic.

Do you love having your hair touched? Is there something so sensual about a lover running their fingers through your hair that just does it for you? Or maybe you like things a bit rough. What about hair pulling? Fuck yes or hell no? Of course maybe you are the hair puller? What is it about grabbing a handful of locks and using it to control them that presses your buttons?


I saw a few posts about the latest KOTW subject of hair on my Twitter timeline and I initially dismissed writing a contribution. But, today, I remembered that there are a couple of things about hair that get me going… I love to run my hand the wrong way over freshly-shaven/cropped male hair. It has to be a new cut though. A day or two of growth doesn’t give quite the same feeling. I start with my hand at the nape of his neck and very gently skim my hand up the back of his head just gently catching the hair on the palm of my hand until I reach the crown. If the top has also been cut as short, I do the same starting from the front of the head.  The velvety spikiness sends tingles through me and I definitely get a kick out of it – if only for a day or two. I also find the whole close-shaven look on men very sexy. It can make the nicest man look quite menacing, but I find that very appealing.

I find grey hair on a man very alluring. And I don’t mean I’m into octogenarians. Grey hair looks so distinguished and suave and, for me, there’s always a bit of cheeky charm associated with it.  So guys, forget the Grecian 2000! Grow grey gracefully; you never know who is lusting after you!

My own hair is one of the features of my body that I am very happy with. It is naturally very straight and thick. My hair tends to be the first thing that people notice about me and I receive many compliments.   When I was much younger. I wanted all manner of wayout styles – all of which were impossible to achieve as any attempt to curl my hair would last about a minute before it pinged back to being poker-straight.  Nowadays, I feel very blessed to have such thick, straight hair and am acutely aware that many people spend ages each morning trying to straighten their hair! I wear my hair in a bob, which is a style that suits the shape of my face and I am lucky in that I don’t have to blow-dry it into shape. I can just wash it and leave it to dry naturally and it will fall into style. I can honestly say that bed-hair is not something I have experienced and in the morning my hair generally looks the same as when I went to bed.  I also love the colour of my hair, which is naturally black, although it needs a bit of assistance with that these days…


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Nipple Play: Kink of the Week #1 & Boobday #5


This is the first time I have taken part in ‘Kink of the Week’, and the subject of nipple play is a perfect subject to start with. And it coincides with Boobday too!

Having my nipples played with is one of my biggest pleasures and a guaranteed way to turn me on. My nipples are incredibly sensitive and respond very quickly to being sucked, licked, flicked, nibbled, squeezed, rubbed etc.I like a good firm touch  – no delicate and dainty stroking please. But, no hard biting or very rough pinching, either. I don’t experience pleasure from pain,  A strong and firm touch will do just fine.

I can stand any amount of nipple play as it really does drive me wild and more so when I can watch a partner flicking their tongue around my nipple or see their hands squeezing the hard pink flesh. I love to observe their enjoyment and concentration as I become more and more aroused. I have never orgasmed through nipple play alone, but I feel I come very close to it. If my clit is touched at the same time, it is absolutely mind-blowing and guaranteed to elicit a powerful orgasm. One other thing about having my nipples touched is that it makes me very wet. Incredibly so, in fact.

My nipples are usually quite prominent and I have received many comments and compliments over the years. .I was recently told ‘you have fantastic nipples and it’s obvious what they are thinking’!


I have never encountered a man who experiences the same level of arousal and enjoyment from having their nipples played with.  I would love to see a man driven crazy with pleasure from nipple play  and it seems a shame that they don’t seem to experience the level of arousal that women generally do . But, of course, that is compensated for by the enjoyment they experience from playing with women’s nipples. And, I will never complain about that!


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