Wicked Wednesday #7: Ménage à Trois


This week’s prompt is a suggestion of Stranded in Toronto, who is author of several books, under which the Savannah series. The second book will be available soon. This is his prompt:

“Then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of counting shall be three.
Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three…” – Monty Python & the Holy Grail – The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

There is a wonderful online meme that says: “Nearly had a threesome last night. Only needed two more people!”
It’s a great joke….but what if you did have two more people?
Unicorns, cuckolds, and bulls…oh my!

The threesome has so many levels of taboo to play on… which would you choose?

Sadly, for anyone pouncing eagerly on this post, there is no explicit description of me being ravished  by by two others. But, I have to say that the idea of having the undivided attention of two men is something I like very much indeed. I guess, like many women, it it is my ultimate fantasy.

As I have often discussed in my various blog posts, my general confidence, and particularly my body confidence have always been pretty low. So the concept of being the focus of two men and seeing them getting aroused by me and my actions is something quite breathtaking.

I love the thought of two sets of hands on my body – feeling, squeezing, exploring;  two sets of lips and tongues – kissing, licking, probing; and obviously two cocks – one fucking me and the other either in my mouth or standing over me, watching, waiting, wanking…

But it doesn’t all have to be about me, of course. I can’t help but imagine that two men, both in high states of arousal and caught up in the moment would also get pleasure from watching what the other was doing, maybe from touching each other and from mutual oral stimulation too, perhaps. I would be delighted to sit back and watch then.

Maybe it will become reality one day…

See who else has thoughts on a ménage à trois…

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