Adventures in Naturism


I enjoy being naked outside, but given the climate of the UK, and the fact that I am in the wrong part of the country for nudist beaches, it’s something that has rarely happened. In fact, publicly, only on two previous occasions.

I recently told a Twitter friend about my (very limited) experience of naturism, and they, surprisingly, expressed an interest in ‘having a go’. So, having agreed that we would brave it in the buff together,  we set about finding a suitable and reputable place to visit that was also convenient for us both to get to, given we live over 200 miles apart.

Having conducted a lot of research, and in the process discounting several ‘dodgy-looking’ establishments, we settled on visiting Clover Spa and Hotel in Birmingham, which has received excellent reviews. You may recall that Clover was the subject of one of Alex Polizzi’s Hotel Inspector television programmes a few years ago.

On a relatively mild day in March, we eventually found each other amidst the chaos of Birmingham New Street station.  We were both apprehensive, as not only would we be getting our kit off in front of each other, but it was the first time we had met in person too.  However, any pre-nudity nerves we had vanished as soon as we arrived at the spa.

We were made to feel very welcome as soon as we arrived and were given a guided tour of the facilities, which were spotlessly clean. The only time we both felt awkward was at that particular point, in the spa area, when we were clothed and everyone one else was naked.

Once we had stripped off in the communal changing area, keeping eyes averted of course, we entered the spa  clutching the provided towels, and both immediately relaxed. We tried the sauna first, which was spacious and very relaxing. From there we went to the outdoor hot tub and spent over an hour chatting to various lovely people. We then moved to the steam room, albeit a brief visit as it was quite intense, then on to the deceptively comfortable heated stone loungers.  These felt amazing and I could have quite easily fallen asleep. Back to the sauna for a short while before braving the plunge pool to cool off. Finally, another hour or so in the hot tub, by which time our four hour spa session had sadly come to an end.

During the day, we spoke to so many interesting and kind people, all willing to share their naturism experiences with us. We explained many times over that we had only met in person (and seen each other naked) for the first time that day. Which, of course, caused much amusement among the other guests.

It was a truly amazing and liberating experience and I would highly recommend it as a safe environment for anyone wanting to try naturism for the first time.

And, yes, we’ll probably visit Clover again, I think…