Why I Love My Boobs


The question posed by Food For Thought Friday is all about boobs, so I will combine this post with a Boobday picture!

For guys and girls who like girls – what is it that you like about boobs? Is there an ideal shape or size?

For girls – how do you feel about how you feel about your “girls”? Are you happy with them? Have you always been?

For everyone – do you think the female “chest” has been over sexualised

My boobs are one of the parts of my body that I am satisfied with; for their appearance and the pleasure that they bring. I am quite happy with the cup size, although I often think that my boobs look bigger to people than they actually are.  The cup size has fluctuated through the passage of time as I have aged and gained weight, and although  I would like to lose some weight,  with that would likely come a reduction in cup size and I definitely don’t want that!

I don’t recall thinking an awful lot about my boobs during adolescence. However, I I do remember my mum getting me my first bra from BHS, which, from memory, was a either a 30 or 32A.

I have always been aware of the attention that having an ample bosom brings; it’s easy to notice men looking, which I have no complaints about.  I am quite comfortable with being topless on holiday, and, more recently, have taken part in a various naturist  (non-sexual) activities.

However, one thing I don’t like is when men speak to me and address my chest instead of my face. That has occurred a number of times and often in workplaces. The fact that I have had to work with people who do that makes me slightly uncomfortable. Also, I learned a number of years ago that combining tops with buttons and a heaving bosom was not a good combination.  I have been blissfully unaware on many occasions that at least one button on my top was undone, boldly revealing the contents of my bra. Now, I rarely buy tops with buttons.

I absolutely adore the moment when a guy unhooks my bra and sees my boobs for the first time. Their reactions are fantastic to see and they are usually very complimentary,  especially about my nipples, which are quite prominent. One of my biggest pleasures is watching a man sucking and playing with my nipples. Seeing the effect that this has is a massive turn-on for me. My nipples can usually take any amount of attention and it is a guaranteed way to get me going. I wrote more on this in the Kink Of The Week post on nipple play.

And, of course, I don’t need much excuse to show my boobs on Twitter or on my blog!

In terms of whether boobs have been over-sexualised in society…  I have no problem with anyone using their body for whatever purpose they choose. If women can make a living out of showing her boobs, then why not? I would, if I thought I could! Sadly, I am a bit too old now! I also love to see other women’s boobs, they are all so different. But just because I like to look at other boobs  does not mean that I have sexual feelings for the women concerned. I have seen  one or two men on Twitter making quite childish and inappropriate comments when other  women compliment each other on their breasts.

So, I can definitely say that I like my boobs and love showing them off  And  if others can get pleasure from them too, then I am delighted!

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