A Few Things I Find Sexy In Men


Tall men

A bit shallow of me I know, but I have always had a thing for tall men; the taller the better. Maybe it’s a primitive urge for protection; I don’t know. But there’s something reassuring and comforting about them towering over, and looking down on you.  My first boyfriend, when I was 17 was  6′ 4″, and they (mainly) got progressively shorter over time. However, as I keep telling myself, size isn’t always everything…


The right smell

A powerful, sexy aftershave or cologne is a huge turn-on for me. I love to have a guy pass by and leave a trail  of lingering, musky sexiness behind.  I can’t quote any favourites as I am a bit out of touch with men’s fragrances, but who can forget the mighty Kouros, the scent of Friday and Saturday nights in late-eighties and early-nineties town centre pubs!


Motorcycle leathers

I have no knowledge of, or particular interest in, motorbikes, but there’s something about a man in black motorcycle leathers that is incredibly potent and invokes lustful thoughts in me. Especially when there’s a group of bikers standing round their machines, crash helmets off, posing on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I join the throngs of people milling around, all eager to look.  Except I’m drooling over the bikers and not the bikes.


Grey hair

I find grey hair on a man very alluring. And I don’t mean I’m into octogenarians. Grey hair looks so distinguished and suave and, for me, there’s always a bit of cheeky charm associated with it.  So guys, forget the Grecian 2000! Grow grey gracefully; you never know who is lusting after you!


And, of course, if you combine all of the above…