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Sinful Sunday



Review of Pjur Man Steel Gel


Late last year, I put Pjur Man Steel Gel to the test for the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel.

Pjur Steel Gel is described as being suitable for intimate massage. I regularly treat my partner to a lingam massage so this was an ideal opportunity to put Pjur Steel Gel through its paces.

Want to find out more? Read the full review here.

The Artist – Part Three


The current Kink of the Week theme is ‘Threesomes’.

This post has been named ‘The Artist – Part Three’,  as I previously published the drawings that were produced  in previous Sinful Sunday posts.  Part one and Part two.

I have  written before about a threesome experience in The GP, which happened after our meeting with the artist. I chose to write about the GP first,  as I found it to be the more sensuous of the two encounters.

We arranged to visit the artist at his home on the other side of the Pennines on a Tuesday morning in September last year. I was both nervous and excited, but I was also suffering with a nagging abdominal pain, which had been present for a week or so. I didn’t want to cancel as  our meeting had taken some time to set up and could take a long time to reschedule. Due to distance and the fact that the primary reason for visiting was for me to pose for the artist, we had not met him before. So neither of us had any idea of what to  expect other than what we had seen of him in his photo online. But the fact that there would be some sexual shenanigans was a given.

When we arrived, we had a drink and a brief chat about how the artist worked with his models and how he went about his drawing. We went up to his attic studio and he showed us some of his previous work and asked if we had any preferences for poses. He said he preferred to draw while naked as he felt more comfortable and it usually made the model feel more at ease if we were both in the same state of undress.  I was fine with that and S was in agreement and volunteered to strip,off too, so we would all be naked. And so we did. Me laying on the artist’s studio bed, posing in a variety of positions. S, sitting, watching, on a chair and the artist, behind his drawing board, studiously sketching me. It felt very surreal and an unusual way to spend a Tuesday morning.

I found the posing quite relaxing and it was not necessary for me to keep very still.  Provided that I was in the general position,  a bit of movement was fine.  I posed in various ways, while we all chatted comfortably. After an hour or so, it was time for a break and while I went to the bathroom, S and the artist discussed what would happen next. It was decided that the artist would sketch both S  and myself. S massaged my breasts while I sat between his legs. He then moved to sit in front of me and gave me a yoni massage.  I found it difficult to relax completely and enjoy the attentions of S, knowing that our intimate acts were being studied and drawn.  But the end results were excellent and captured our intimacy well.

The drawing part of the meeting was now over and it was time to get down to other things! The artist sat behind me  to massage my breasts while S massaged my pussy. Again, I found it hard to relax completely, which I put down to  the environment and having the attention of two men for the first time. Plus the abdominal pain was still gnawing away at me. S decided to use his tongue on me instead and eventually I did orgasm.

I performed a lingam massage on the artist while S watched, which provides him with immense pleasure. It felt quite odd handling another cock in this way after being used to the familiarity of S. Tantric massage was a new experience for the artist too. He seemed to be enjoying himself though and was getting obvious pleasure from the occasional glance at S playing with his own cock. The guys then swapped places and the artist enjoyed watching S getting the lingam treatment. I massaged his cock for around 30 minutes before he, too, came hard and fast.

And that was that, we got dressed and left. The whole experience, although enjoyable,  felt a bit business-like to be honest.  We were there for a purpose and once the task was done,  we were on our way home.  I came away thinking I could take it or leave a threesome experience.  One contributory factor is that we did not meet the artist on neutral ground beforehand. Having ‘the measure’ of a third person beforehand makes me more comfortable, although in spontaneous situations (ie in clubs) this is more difficult.  Although it was an enjoyable experience, it lacked the intimacy and sensuousness of our encounter with the GP, which is why I chose to write about the GP first.

It’s great to introduce a bit of variety and embrace new experiences, but, for me, keeping these experiences as an occasional adventure is ideal. We plan to meet both the artist and the GP again, and maybe the other occasional guy (or girl). But, as the time I spend with S is limited, we both prefer to have just the two of us first and foremost.

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What Turns Me Off


The Food for Thought Friday question this week…

What would constitute a deal-breaker in terms of finding someone attractive? List the top three things that would be a serious turn off for you; it can be physical, a personality quirk, a habit… whatever does NOT float your boat!


My biggest dislike in life is smoking, of any kind, and it is one area where I will not compromise my principles. I was more tolerant when I was younger, but as I have aged, I know what I do and do not like. If I get a flu or cold-type illness, it always affects my chest very badly, and I believe that this is a result of being around people that smoked,  when I was younger. I was in contact with someone recently and it turned out they were a smoker, so despite their desperate pleas that they were trying to give up, it was a definite no thank you from me as they were still smoking. I cannot bear the smell that surrounds smokers and the thought of kissing someone that smokes really turns me off. I can honestly say that for me this  is a definite dealbreaker. You could be my ideal man, my perfect partner, irresistible in every way, but if you smoked, I would flatly turn you down.


I have never been impressed by arrogant or cocky men. I am not the type to swoon and simper and be impressed by a show of being ‘Jack the lad’. I am more likely to give a Paddington Bear-type hard stare and think what a complete and utter jerk they are. I am a fairly reserved character, and while I appreciate an outgoing personality in others to bring me out of myself, I think people can be extrovert without being arrogant. For example, I cannot bear the TV programme ‘The Apprentice’. I saw ten minutes of it once and that was enough. The egos that feature are good examples of the type of person that I cannot abide.


In life in general, this is a trait I abhor, so in a relationship or sexual encounter,  it is a true dealbreaker. Perhaps I should have grouped this trait together with arrogance under a general heading of narcissism, but there are a few actions that are guaranteed to make me mad, so I wanted to list these specifically:

  • Monopolising a conversation.
  • Making any conversation about the other person
  • Talking over the other person
  • Showing no interest in what the other person has to say
  • Not listening
  • Only being in contact when they want something

I could go on, but I am sure you get the picture and no doubt we all know a number of people like this! I have experienced many people with some or all of these habits. I met someone last year who turned every conversation around to himself and talked over me and other people incessantly. In the end, I figured it was just easier to say very little as I wasn’t being listened to. And that was the end of that!

It was quite difficult to think of things that would be absolute dealbreakers. I think I can be quite intolerant sometimes, but often the things that annoy me are quite minor and too trivial to be dealbreakers. If you like someone, you can change your mindset on certain things. But, those minor things can become dealbreakers if the spark is more of a damp squib or one party is less keen than the other I guess. One other thing I did consider as was poor personal hygiene, but, to play devil’s advocate, perhaps if it is addressed in the correct way. it can be dealt with, whereas the personality traits I raised above are generally ingrained in someone’s character. But, as always, first impressions are so important and I certainly would not want to be intimate with someone with poor hygiene.

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