About Miss Scarlet


I am Miss Scarlet; a 40-something voluptuous and curvaceous woman living in the north west of England. In 2014, I randomly discovered the ‘dark’ side of Twitter, which resulted in awakening my sexual curiosity and rekindled a hidden desire to share tasteful nude pictures of myself. I had always lacked confidence in my abilities and my body, and Twitter provided the perfect way to develop my sexual interest among like-minded people and to anonymously share erotic pictures of myself.  I quickly built up a loyal following and discovered some very lovely and quite wonderful people. I realised that there were thousands of people like myself, all pursuing a natural and healthy interest in sexual matters, but in a (mostly) non-judgmental and safe environment.

I chose my pseudonym, Miss Scarlet, as I love the colour red. Some people mistakenly think I am a dominatrix because I use the title ‘Miss’; I’m definitely not!. If I had to define a particular kink for myself, I would say I have an exhibitionist and voyeuristic side over and above anything else.

I started blogging in April 2015. It was something that I had been interested in doing since I discovered Twitter, but I was doubtful that I had anything of interest to write about, especially considering I didn’t have a sex life. However, I had many thoughts and opinions on sex-related issues, such as oral sex, and these inspired me to get writing.  In my original ‘About Me’ page I referred to this blog as a lack of sex blog rather than a sex blog as, although married, sex had completely disappeared from my life.  I went on to write about the lack of sex in marriage and how it affected me, which was a subject that struck a chord with many people; I discovered that there are a lot of people in a similar situation. It was an issue that took a lot of courage to tackle in my own life and I was overwhelmed by the wonderful support and advice from Twitter users and from readers of the blog.

One of my early posts explains why I chose to share tasteful nude pictures of myself on the internet. It received many positive and supportive comments from men and women alike. That helped to increase my confidence in showing the bits of my body I am less happy with. Body positivity is something I am passionate about and am firmly of the belief that all bodies are beautiful and any perceived imperfections should be embraced as they are what make us unique. I am an occasional naturist and have written  here about my interest in the beautiful and liberating experience of being clothes-free.

From time to time, I take part in blogging memes, such as Sinful Sunday, Wicked Wednesday, Kink of the Week  and Boobday, which are great opportunities for sharing images and thoughts among a wonderful community of non-judgmental and sex-positive people.

I am now in a position where I am fortunate enough to have sex on a regular basis and have met a lovely man, who is in a similar position to me. The terms friend with benefits or fuckbuddy aren’t really appropriate to describe our relationship, so I shall refer to him as my lover.  I do write occasionally about our erotic adventures together,  which include threesomes and visiting swingers’ clubs.  I also take great delight in participating in the Scavenger Hunt meme!

I review sex toys and adult products for the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel and extracts from my reviews are on my blog with links to the main reviews at Cara Sutra.

I also like to have a good moan from time to time and some of the rants I have voiced include sexual elitism, safe sex and obesity. Not every blog post is about sex…

I don’t plan to write erotic stories; there are bloggers and authors out there that do it very well, and far better than I ever could.

Feel free to comment; I appreciate the time and trouble taken to read my blog and I will always try and reply.

4 thoughts on “About Miss Scarlet

  1. Len Miller

    I read your story about monogomy, I was faced with a similiar problem, we had an active sex life until about 7 years ago now. She had a stroke, it was minor and she is back, but the medications she takes has healed her but in return has taken her ability to orgasm and to enjoy sex. We basically had the same talk. Since she can’t even enjoy it unless she could orgasm she has given up on it. She knows I am still interested. So she gave me her permission. We made some rules. One of the most important was no more than two times with one woman. She feels that could truly hurt what else we share. Also one night a week out is my limit. I totally agreed but like you there was guilt. I myself didn’t pursue it for a couple of months until I was talking to a woman online that was just like you and she was local to me. We met and have gone out. And have had sex. It was awesome being with a woman again. I have seen her three times so I have broken the rules already. We get along. She doesn’t want to end her marriage, nor do I. But since we do have this chemistry we both feel that it won’t hurt to continue to see each other. My problem is do I tell my wife i want to change the rules or just go out one night a week meet up with my new friend. And no one will be hurt and all will be happy. So it is a problem. I guess I will just continue to break the rules.


    • Miss Scarlet

      Thanks for your reply. I am sorry to hear about your wife’s stroke. I was really interested to read your experiences with non-monogamy and many thanks for taking the time to share them.

      It’s tough to know what to do in that situation. I’d be inclined to agree with you about continuing to see this lady, if there is chemistry there. If it can stay as just sex, and you are both happy with that, then it is not harming anyone. I think rules in this kind of situation do change and evolve as ‘things’ progress. I suppose having one regular partner is also safer.


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