6 thoughts on “Relaxing- 7th February

  1. Mike

    Hi Miss S

    Well, quite right you should include an important person in the month’s posts and very good it is too, the pose, the lighting etc.

    But then, I am, as you know, like many of your followers a man so what does an erotic photo of another man do to me?

    I’ve always been heterosexual but, unlike many men, have no hostility towards homosexuality and some understanding of it. How far I am along the spectrum, or if you like what degree am I bisexual I don’t know. I’ve never been in a position to have to deal with such feelings.

    In the past I have had the occasional masturbation fantasy involving another man.

    I suppose when I see such an image as yours, I can appreciate it on various levels, but beyond that I’m not at all sure.

    So thank you for posting and for in a sense ‘making’ me have these thoughts.

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    • Miss Scarlet

      Thank you for your interesting comments.

      I didn’t want every image to be of me. And, of course, body positivity applies equity to men too and everyone is attractive and sexy in some way.

      It is a lovely image and the decor in the room was ideal for some photos.

      I know many ladies here appreciate a cuddly male body and I hope they enjoy the image!


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