February Photofest 2018


One of the reasons I created my Twitter account was to help increase my self-confidence by posting erotic photos of myself.  I had a desperate need to feel desirable and sexy as I had rarely been made to feel this way.  A couple of years later, I created this blog to continue to share my photos and to write about my thoughts and feelings on sex and relationships.

My blogging and photo-sharing has gradually slipped away over the last six months or so, mainly due to life being very busy and unpredictable, but there is also apathy and a lack of creativity on my part.   I spotted the February Photofest meme last night and knew straightaway that this was something that would be a challenge and would get my mind working and my creative juices flowing again.  Thank you, Molly, for providing another wonderful meme.

I have been delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in various other memes kindly hosted by fellow sex bloggers, which not only spark creativity but provide the opportunity to share posts and photos to a wider audience. And of course, to engage with the wonderful and talented sex blogging community.

February Photofest


10 thoughts on “February Photofest 2018

  1. we have that in common. I am lacking creativity and trying to do the best that I can and searching for ideas, this month is going to be a bit of a challenge but I hope to leave my comfort zone and work on my wild side a bit!

    looking forward to your photofest!

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