February Photofest 2018


One of the reasons I created my Twitter account was to help increase my self-confidence by posting erotic photos of myself.  I had a desperate need to feel desirable and sexy as I had rarely been made to feel this way.  A couple of years later, I created this blog to continue to share my photos and to write about my thoughts and feelings on sex and relationships.

My blogging and photo-sharing has gradually slipped away over the last six months or so, mainly due to life being very busy and unpredictable, but there is also apathy and a lack of creativity on my part.   I spotted the February Photofest meme last night and knew straightaway that this was something that would be a challenge and would get my mind working and my creative juices flowing again.  Thank you, Molly, for providing another wonderful meme.

I have been delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in various other memes kindly hosted by fellow sex bloggers, which not only spark creativity but provide the opportunity to share posts and photos to a wider audience. And of course, to engage with the wonderful and talented sex blogging community.

February Photofest




I wanted sex

No strings or ties

But where to start?

I found a site

That seemed just right

For getting laid

That’s all I wanted

A simple profile

Led to 500 replies

I was overwhelmed

And appalled at some

I wanted a connection

Chemistry was key

I replied to a few

A pattern commenced

A handful of messages

A coffee date

Trying to force interest

No real attraction

But it’s only sex

Is chemistry important?

A  stream of fresh hope

One sparks my interest

He sounds a bit different

But perhaps a touch arrogant?

And no flexibility

Too much competition

No thank you sent

Six months pass

Several experiences

Disillusioned by now

I’d rather stay celibate

Profile deleted

A new year commences

I’ll try again

Rewritten profile

I am firm in my words

It scares them away

He appears again

Not remembering me

His profile intrigues me

I send a message

He replies straightaway

 I’m never going to meet him

No more married men

We talk frankly and openly

On a regular basis

I don’t plan to meet him

He tells me about tantra

He wants a regular partner

No more one-offs

But I’m never going to meet him

Eventually I relent

I’m interested in tantric

We meet for a coffee

He’s not what I expected

Not arrogant at all

We kiss in the street

He says I’m great

He’s keen, very keen

I like him a lot

We meet for sex

He’s still very keen

I wonder why

What does he see in me?

We meet each week

For sex in a hotel room

We message each evening

We start to meet socially

And message more frequently

The sex gets more intense

He’s loving and caring

Passion abounds

He tells me often

He’d be lost without me

I feel special and loved

And sexy and desirable

He’s kind and gentle

And good with his hands

The orgasms I give blow him away

He tolerates my rants

And my skewed way of thinking

He never tires of my company

The feeling is mutual

He grins broadly

When we’re together

Because he’s with me

Our kisses are electric

And spark every nerve

Our chemistry is visible

He is my soulmate

We were meant to be


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