Red Coat, No Knickers


I’ve not been blogging very much lately. However, when I saw that the latest Kink of the Week subject was ‘going commando’, I knew that this was one I couldn’t miss writing about.

To be blunt, I adore not wearing any knickers. I love the feeling of having a saucy secret and the sense of doing something a bit cheeky. I find it exhilarating and liberating. Not to mention being a turn on too.

Going knickerless is something I do only when wearing a skirt or dress. It wouldn’t be the same in jeans or trousers. For me, that would miss the point completely.
When I wear a skirt or dress and meet S, the first thing that he does is feel my bottom through the material to see if I am wearing any knickers. He knows that the answer is usually no. He gets a kick out of it too and, of course, it gives a chance for a cheeky feel.

I love the thrill of having an opportunity for a quick flash, in the right circumstances. An unexpected flash isn’t such a thrill as I found out recently.
S and I had planned to stay at a beautiful country hotel for one night. At the last minute, I decided to meet him dressed only in my coat, stockings and shoes. Consequently, I had rushed to get ready and not taken much notice of what I was wearing.

I knew he would find it a big turn on and I would get a thrill out of it too.

I carried my overnight bag to the main road to meet him, which involved a walk up several steep steps. My coat was long so I felt covered up enough in case I bumped into any neighours. S was in his car waiting for me. I opened the back door to put my bag on the back seat and felt a blast of air around my rear, as a gust of wind caught my coat. Whoops, I thought. I hadn’t intended to flash my bum off to the world, especially in the area where I live. My coat was long, the wind would only have lifted it slightly. So I thought.

I got in the car and S asked immediately if I was naked under my coat. How well he knows me. He got very excited during the journey knowing I was naked under my coat and his left hand was constantly exploring.

We drove to the hotel and parked in the car park, which was at the back of the hotel. As we walked around to the entrance at the front of the hotel, there was quite a strong wind . I felt cold air on my bottom and reached round to stop my coat blowing up. S exclaimed that my bottom was completely exposed. To my horror I remembered only at that moment that my coat had a long vent at the back. Not only had my bottom been exposed in the hotel grounds, it had been flashed on the main road and, worst of all, I had walked up the steep steeps near my house with the vent flapping. I had been oblivious.

I was then subjected to the embarrassment of trying to ensure my coat didn’t part at the back and show my bum to the hordes of people in the reception area while we were checking in.I sat on a chair and then walked to the lift clutching the back of my coat firmly to me.

We did have a good laugh about it later, but I was horrified initially to think my bottom had been flashed to my neighbourhood. We also took a few pictures in the hotel for a scavenger hunt post here.

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15 thoughts on “Red Coat, No Knickers

  1. Mike

    What a great anecdote, from so many points of view! He’s a very fortunate man!

    Thank you for sharing it with us! Your openneness regarding going without knickers etc it admired and appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh the coat story made me chuckle. I once went to the airport to meet Michael and in sexy underwear and just my coat. I felt really self conscious that people would somehow know but luckily I didn’t have a big split in the back of my coat like you.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a delicious story. It’s always good for me to get perspective on how a woman feels with the danger of being seen while naked under a coat. Nothing like a window into her mind… My consensual slave Sinnjara has some great stories on meeting a dominant dressed in only a coat, your story reminded me of her experiences. Very good stuff!

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  4. KinkyKrissy

    i found out about cold breezes the 1st time i flew to meet with my future husband..
    i wanted to “surprise” him when he picked me up at the airport, i wore a button up blouse, short skirt, and heels with a knee length leather coat over it. during the 2 & 1/2 hour flight, a couple of jack and cokes, and just thinking about the wild sex we’d be having the next 4 day, i was horny already. i went to the bathroom on the plane, and go myself off very quickly. i shoved my undies in my coat pocket, and kinda forgot about them.
    a few minutes later we were getting ready to land, he met me at the gate, grabbed my bag, (and my ass several times) as we headed towards the parking lot. he suggested i button up my coat as it was cold and windy outside, and we had a little ways to walk….
    blonde moment… yea it was november, but it was 80 degress when i left home that morning…. i was now 1300 miles north now, as we got through the door a gust of wind blew my coat up, along with my short skirt, good thing nobody saw my undies. they were in my friggin coat pocket!!!!!!
    my bare ass and trimmed pussy were there for anyone to see!
    i was really embarrASSed

    that faded from my mind as he helped me up into his truck, and onto the seat where his finger found my clit… 2nd time i’d cum in the past 2 hours once by my hand, the 2nd by his in the airport parking lot, right next to the pedestrian walkway 🙂

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