Greedy Girls


Back in February, S and I decided to visit the swinging club we have been to a number of times.  This visit was specifically to attend a ‘Greedy Girls’ event, which is regularly held. Our visit was out of curiosity rather than being for me to participate, although it’s important to keep an open mind on these things…

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. The image that kept flashing through my mind was one of a Benny Hill-type romp, but with the men being chased by the women instead of the other way around.

I am always quite nervous before our swinging club visits, even though I know that I am in control and what I do is up to me. This was our sixth visit to a club and out of all those visits, we hadn’t seen anyone else, other than ourselves, having sex. I was certain that this would not be the case on this visit.

When we arrived, there were two guys waiting to be admitted. We stood behind them and I felt quite uncomfortable and stared at the floor thinking they were probably wondering if I would be a greedy girl that day.

Eventually, we were admitted and went into the couples’/ladies’ changing room. There were a few ladies on their own getting changed into various items of lingerie and touching up their make up. I opted for covering myself up with the towel provided by the club; I hadn’t considered dressing sexily and didn’t want to draw attention to myself.

We went out into the main area of the club and it was immediately obvious there were many more people there than we had seen on our previous visits. There were more women than I had expected, but there were a lot of men prowling about. 

We went downstairs as I wanted to look at the sex swing, which was in the dungeon.  It was only my curiosity on this occasion and there was no chance of me providing any entertainment on it.  Given how busy it was upstairs, it was very quiet downstairs. We went to explore the other rooms and I noticed a few guys had come downstairs since we had. Presumably, they were hoping for some action, but no words were spoken, just a few furtive glances thrown in our direction. Just as we were about to go back upstairs, one of the staff members came through giving a tour of the club to a new member. I couldn’t help overhearing the commentary, which was very similar to that of an estate agent.

We went back upstairs to get a drink and settled in to observe our surroundings.  I noticed that most of the ladies present were sitting at the bar, some in matching lingerie, some in exotic outfits and some just in knickers. Many of the guys were in boxers or tiny budgie smugglers; this was something I hadn’t seen before as on all our previous visits, everyone was wrapped in towels. Obviously, undress to impress was the order of the day. S went off to the loo and I carried on observing the surroundings. I looked up to see him returning and at the same time noticed a guy approaching me from the other direction. S reached me first. The other guy just sat at the other end of the settee and didn’t say a word. I glanced over at him a few times but there was no response. S and I had a kiss and cuddle and after a short time became aware of eyes on us. S commented that we had company. I looked up and a younger guy was sat in the chair directly opposite, just staring. Again, no attempt at communicating was made.

We decided to go downstairs to a private room. We found one that was vacant and closed the door. I then realised that we had come into a room with a window and there were three faces peering in. We opened the door and I told the guys that I wasn’t comfortable being on public view. Yet again, not a word from any of them. I was starting to feel quite uncomfortable with the way guys were conducting themselves. It was a real contrast to our first visit here where all the guys we encountered were very chatty and friendly as soon as we walked in.

We found another room and locked the door. Within a few minutes, we heard a female and a male voice chatting outside in the public area. Then the talking turned into grunts and groans. Then lots of ‘oh yeahs’ from the female. And the sound of body parts slapping together. The moans and groans got louder then abruptly stopped and normal conversation ensued. Then it all started again.  Presumably with a different guy.  Neither of us could concentrate on what we were doing. Not through being turned on or aroused by the sound of what going on outside, more through being put off our respective strides.  Although seeing what was going on rather than just hearing might have been more of a turn on.   I couldn’t help feeling that the female’s noises of pleasure weren’t completely genuine. It sounded as if it was being switched on and off again for effect very quickly. After another few repetitions, all went quiet outside. We were ready to venture out by this time and outside we found one solitary guy. Presumably waiting in hope.

We decided it was time to leave and went to get a shower. We passed the couples’ room which we had made use of on our first time at this club. It was obvious that this was where all the action presently was. Normally, only couples are permitted in this room and single guys have to watch from the viewing room or the window (I have written about our experience in the couples’ room). Not so on greedy girls’ day! There were two girls on the large bed area and both were on  all fours.  One was being pounded by a guy kneeling behind her; I suspect she was the girl we heard earlier judging by the noises she was making. The other was sucking one guy’s cock and was pushing herself back onto another guy, who was standing in front of the bed. The bed was surrounded by around 15-20 guys all rhythmically wanking and mesmerised by the scene on the bed. And, it was completely silent apart from the continuing ‘oh yeahs’ from the bed.  I was weirdly fascinated by the guys wanking silently in formation. It was almost as if it was some strange cult ritual. I guess many were hoping that their turn would be next and some were just happy to be voyeurs and wank alongside the next guy. I asked S if he would have stood there with his fellow men, wanking away. He said not.

I am completely in awe of sexually empowered women who have the confidence to take part and enjoy themselves in situations like this. Would I be one of the girls on the bed fucking one man after another? It’s unlikely. As much as I would love to have the confidence to perform to that level, it is not really me. However, I will certainly consider more intimate encounters and had some of the guys actually spoken with us, they might have had an invitation to watch in private…. And, maybe I’ll shed the towel in favour of something more sexy next time!

I’d love to hear if you would be a greedy girl. Or would you join in with the silence of the wankers!

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28 thoughts on “Greedy Girls

  1. mornystannitblog

    There’s loads I want to say about this post. First of all I’d like to say I would certainly not be one of the silent wankers! I’d either take part in the fucking/sucking or leave the room; any voyeurism on my part would be a kind of foreplay!
    Secondly, I find your choice of language interesting. This isn’t a criticism but when you mention female sexual empowerment you use the word ‘women’, then when the women are engaging in sexual activity you call them girls. But maybe that’s just me.
    But what a fascinating and honest description of a situation you seem to have found slightly uncomfortable. Makes me want to visit a swingers club and see how I’d react

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    • Miss Scarlet

      I tend to write using different nouns so not to appear repetitive and keep it interesting. It’s not meant to have any particular meaning. And, of course, it is called a greedy girls event!

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      • Mike

        This use of ‘girls’ to describe women of all ages has always seemed odd to me, partly because when I started to become sexually aware I was only interested in more mature women and not those of my own age (who back then could be correctly described as ‘girls’) and my tastes are still the same some fifty years on!

        Looking at it from a sociological point of view ‘girls’ does in our culture tend to be used by men of women as a way of control or power, to put women in their place in the view of such men.

        There is a similar discord in the use of language in the BDSM world, ‘daddy’ is used quite freely in the case of dominant men, but it is rare to see a woman in the reverse of such a relationship labelled ‘mummy’. There’s a lot of complex issues going on, but then again what people do in private with each other breaks all such ‘rules’!

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  2. Mike

    Thanks for such an objective description of your experience.

    My first reaction is that it all sounds very clinical and even strange, almost the reverse of what you would imagine it is supposed to be.

    Given that it is supposed to be an opportunity for women to receive the sexual attentions of more than one man (or other women) at the same time this sounds more like a lot of men watching a show of sexual activity they haven’t courage or ability to take part in themselves!

    Slightly disturbing was the notion that if a woman was there she was just to perform and be observed by others with no communication about it whatsoever, hence my use of ‘clinical’.

    Seeing as all sexual behaviour is meant to be about pleasure for all those involved, no matter how anyone derives their pleasure, this seems to be devoid of pleasure for everyone other than one or two participants (I also wonder if some of those women are ’employed’ to do so.)

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    • Miss Scarlet

      Your description of clinical is spot on! Sinister is also another term that springs to mind! It’s definitely on for the voyeurs!

      S was intrigued to see how events in the couples’ room started off, in terms of communication and how men got involved. We may visit again just to observe this!

      I hadn’t considered that some of the women might be employed to participate, but that is a possible I think.


  3. parallelsecrets

    Open and frank as ever. I have never been able to get to a club but your description is very much what I imagined it would be with the wrong m/f ratio. I hope I would be the one able to interact. Let’s hope your next visit is more fun.

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  4. Elton

    You brave , braver then me. Well done Miss Scarlet. I’m sure next time you will be more relaxed.
    I’ll stick to my partner an a few minutes of nudity at the beach.

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  5. I have never been to any kind of sex(y) club but think I would have been quite unnerved if no one spoke to each other. That seems so strange.
    Then, I would love to be the subject of being fucked by several men, but I don’t think I would have the guts to make that known in a club…

    Rebel xox

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  6. I found in my swinging days that different events at the same club turned out to be very different in the atmosphere and behaviour. I never quite worked out how that came about but it definitely was the case


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  7. D JONES

    I always read your accounts of visits to clubs with interest. I do think that the men could have shown more manners – certainly if I’d been there I would have been (I hope) polite and gently encouraging, and helping you get to wherever you want to get. Mmmmm – in fact, it strikes me as potentially very exciting.

    I look forward to your next visit with interest – may you enjoy it and get what you want from it.

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    • Miss Scarlet

      I think it attracts the voyeurs above anything else.

      I’m sure you would be a proper gentleman!

      I’m in no hurry to go to be honest.


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