A Good Handful!


Recently, I finally got around to visiting Bravissimo, a UK lingerie shop which specialises in bras for ladies for larger boobs. I was sceptical about going and had been putting it off as I expected to be told that my back size was too big and my cup size too small (Bravissimo’s bras go up to a 40” back and start at a D cup). I was astounded to be fitted in a size 38FF bra. I had been told by a well-known high street shop that I was a 44C, which I didn’t dispute as I have gradually gained weight over the years and  always shopped there for bras.  There are very few attractive bras in a 44” back size to be found on the high street, so bra shopping became a very negative experience.  I was always puzzled about my largebra fitting size as I know of several ladies who are a few dress sizes bigger than me but who are in a 38” bra.

I am still grinning about the fact that I am a FF cup! And my underwear drawer is now well stocked with several pretty and sexy items of lingerie.

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