38 thoughts on “The Artist – Part One

  1. Oh wow, I did comment on your pictures on Twitter a while back suggesting Life Modeling. I hope you enjoyed it. I have been a model for 2 sessions now, nice if you can find friendly classes or solo artists to work with

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  2. Mike

    Miss Scarlet – what wonderful drawings of yourself.

    You must be so proud to pose in such a class and of the resulting art work, they show your own openness and the artist has caught this as well as a subtle eroticism.

    Thank you so much for sharing them with us.


  3. jerusalemmortimer

    I was once having a drink in my favourite bar, and a woman I knew slightly said she wanted my body. And was ready to pay me $30.
    Being a student at the time, that seemed very fine indeed. I’d always wanted to be a sex worker.
    It was as a life class model, of course. The class was almost entirely young female artists.
    I did a standing pose, which was hard work. So, I’m afraid, was keeping the erection switched off while hot girls drew my cock.
    I was too shy, though, to ask for any of the drawings, many of which were wonderful. Regret it to this day.

    Anyway, those are lovely drawings! Beautiful images!

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