Waterglide Strawberry Lube


I recently had the pleasure of doing my first sex product review, which was Waterglide Strawberry lube for the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel.

Here’s an extract

I applied the Waterglide Strawberry Flavoured Lube to my partner’s penis for the taste test. As the Waterglide Strawberry Flavoured Lube is so dense I had to spread it around with my hand initially before reaching in with my tongue….

Read the complete review here

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7 thoughts on “Waterglide Strawberry Lube

  1. D Jones

    Ah, Miss Scarlet, now that you have found fame among the ranks of the sex product reviewers, I only hope that you’ll remember your fans ….

    A very good review, by the way, and I totally share your irritation with small print! (How did I ever get to be over 50?) However, the phrase that sticks in my mind is: “A lingam massage can last for up to an hour, ” Mmmmm …. lucky man.

    I look forward to future product reviews!

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