Hair – Kink of the Week



Kink of the Week September 1-15: Hair

We have done pubic hair so I thought maybe we should also talk about the hair on our heads. For future reference we will also do other body hair.

Long hair, short hair, bald heads, curly, straight, wavy, blonde, red, black, brown, dyed, bangs (fringe for the UK’ers) tied up, let loose. I could go on and on with words that describe hair but you get the picture. Our hair is as varied and different as we are and it rarely stays the same throughout our lives. How we have our hair changes with time, mood, fashions, health and sometimes even wealth. Just as how we style our hair can change, so can how we feel about it.

Is hair in any way shape or form a kink for you? Could be your own or your partners? Maybe you have a thing for really long hair, is gender specific or is your love of hair more important than someones genitals? Do you have a kink for your own hair? Perhaps you have a specific style that you do to portray a certain personality or role, such a fierce tight bun to make you look like a school mistress, or girly pigtails when you are feeling ‘little’. We have already done pigtails as a kink of their own but if that is your thing feel free to cover it for this topic.

Do you love having your hair touched? Is there something so sensual about a lover running their fingers through your hair that just does it for you? Or maybe you like things a bit rough. What about hair pulling? Fuck yes or hell no? Of course maybe you are the hair puller? What is it about grabbing a handful of locks and using it to control them that presses your buttons?


I saw a few posts about the latest KOTW subject of hair on my Twitter timeline and I initially dismissed writing a contribution. But, today, I remembered that there are a couple of things about hair that get me going… I love to run my hand the wrong way over freshly-shaven/cropped male hair. It has to be a new cut though. A day or two of growth doesn’t give quite the same feeling. I start with my hand at the nape of his neck and very gently skim my hand up the back of his head just gently catching the hair on the palm of my hand until I reach the crown. If the top has also been cut as short, I do the same starting from the front of the head.  The velvety spikiness sends tingles through me and I definitely get a kick out of it – if only for a day or two. I also find the whole close-shaven look on men very sexy. It can make the nicest man look quite menacing, but I find that very appealing.

I find grey hair on a man very alluring. And I don’t mean I’m into octogenarians. Grey hair looks so distinguished and suave and, for me, there’s always a bit of cheeky charm associated with it.  So guys, forget the Grecian 2000! Grow grey gracefully; you never know who is lusting after you!

My own hair is one of the features of my body that I am very happy with. It is naturally very straight and thick. My hair tends to be the first thing that people notice about me and I receive many compliments.   When I was much younger. I wanted all manner of wayout styles – all of which were impossible to achieve as any attempt to curl my hair would last about a minute before it pinged back to being poker-straight.  Nowadays, I feel very blessed to have such thick, straight hair and am acutely aware that many people spend ages each morning trying to straighten their hair! I wear my hair in a bob, which is a style that suits the shape of my face and I am lucky in that I don’t have to blow-dry it into shape. I can just wash it and leave it to dry naturally and it will fall into style. I can honestly say that bed-hair is not something I have experienced and in the morning my hair generally looks the same as when I went to bed.  I also love the colour of my hair, which is naturally black, although it needs a bit of assistance with that these days…


See who else has a kink for hair

7 thoughts on “Hair – Kink of the Week

  1. mornystannitblog

    Quite the coincidence that I mentioned your lovely hair earlier. I’m going for cut tomorrow, number 2 back and.sides with the top brylcreemed back. It’s still fairly thick though it’s receded a bit lately
    On the colour, somehow my hair’s stayed dark brown with just a little grey at the temples.
    I quite like my hair.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. shaun edmonds

    Pleased to read the paragraph about grey hair, or as I like to say, platinum! I’m 47 and been a silver fox for a few years now. Doesn’t bother me at all and has never hampered me romantically in any way.

    Liked by 1 person

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