25 thoughts on “A Few Cheeky Snaps

  1. Mike

    Nice curves and intriguing photos!
    More importantly, well done to you for continuing to challenge your body confidence (in a positive way!)


  2. D Jones

    Miss Scarlet, as your confidence in your body grows, so does my appreciation of it. (I could put that sentiment in far coarser terms….)

    Now that you’re up and running with further photos of your lovely body from new angles, I look forward to seeing more. And of course I’m sure I won’t be the only one to offer his services as your photographer in the future. x


      • Doug Jones

        A tripod? Well you needn’t worry about my erecting anything. However, I would be concerned that my hand might be a little shaky ….


      • D Jones

        And your delightful blogs always make me think … well, that and other things ….

        As for the tripod, let me just say there will be no difficulty getting it up and ready to use whenever you want 😉 x


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