A Different Perspective


Any pictures I have previously posted (apart from the last two) have always been  taken by me and by using a timer. I try to position myself at a flattering angle and crop the images so I only show the bits I am comfortable with.

Last week, for the first time, someone else took pictures of me. I felt self-conscious and exposed, as I wasn’t in control of the images being taken. Sexy was something that I definitely did not feel.

I rarely show images of my belly when I am standing up, as it is the one part of my body I dislike intently. However, I wanted to share this image, as this is how others see me.


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38 thoughts on “A Different Perspective

  1. Mike

    Well Miss Scarlet…

    Firstly, thank you for posting an image you’re not sure about. That in itself takes great courage, and I can understand your feelings about being photographed.

    If I leave aside your thoughts (in the sense of not taking them in to account in how I view the image) it is very sexy and pleasurable to look at.

    I like that you use the word ‘belly’ and hope you do so in a positive way (I know some women don’t like it at all or only use it in negative way.)

    It’s also a pleasure to see you post something that goes against the culture stereotypes of women’s body images that we are bombarded with by the media – woman are expected to be young and thin to be of interest to men – for this man a total nonsense.

    Once I began to be aware of my own sexuality etc as an older teenager (I’m now in my sixties) I privately rejected this cultural view of women, mature curvaceous women offered so much more. The rejection of the so-called norm was private as it was never discussed with anyone and I imagined I was the only one who felt that way. Though I still feel that way it is only with the Internet that I have realised I am not alone in such matters.

    It is a great photograph of a sexy woman, congratulations on taking another step on building confidence and positivity about yourself. I can understand why you should feel the way you do, men have such issues too, something I still continue to deal with.

    Thank You!

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    • Miss Scarlet

      Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments. There is a great community of open-minded and body-positive people on Twitter along with many people who realise women don’t have to be thin to be sexually attractive. Personally, I prefer men that are of a larger size rather than rippling muscles and a six pack!

      Age brings a new-found confidence I think. bCertainly, getting older has bought a desire to push boundaries and try new things attitude with me.

      Thanks again xx


  2. I totally get that you post images you feel comfortable with. I do exactly the same and try to cut out the parts I don’t. However, through the years and mostly in the last months, I have learned that we are our own worst critics. I look at your image and yes, I see your tummy, but I still think you are a damn sexy woman. You look beautiful!

    Rebel xox

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  3. Seems like a few of us have been doing this recently on Sinful Sunday. Makes me very proud to be part of a community where people feel able to expose (excuse the pun) themselves in this way. I think you look absolutely fabulous and I am really glad you posted this image, challenging the prototypical ideals of beauty and sexuality is such an important thing


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    • Miss Scarlet

      Thank you for providing a safe and non-judgmental place to show our bodies without fear of criticism. And, of course, thanks to the other beautiful people for revealing their wonderful bodies and inspiring this picture!


  4. Mr Drew

    Where’s the beautiful face and smile? I missed that.
    I love the photos you post, you look great from any angle, standing up, laying down or standing behind a jar of daffodils.

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  5. This is a lovely image. I’m really happy you posted it because your entire figure makes such beautiful natural sense. It’s so hard not to focus on the bits of ourselves that make us feel self-conscious, but for what it’s worth, the woman I see in this photograph is lush and absolutely gorgeous in every way.

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  6. Hope Always

    It is difficult sometimes to believe what others tell us. we need to relearn how we see ourselves.

    I see a strong woman standing tall, taking the first steps to seeing herself in a new confident light. As others see you That is truly beautiful in its self

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  7. I love the fact that this picture is so unposed. It feels as though we are looking in on a beautiful woman as she moves about her room. You are gorgeous. It takes a gulp of bravery to hand the control over to someone else and let their image of you be shared. I love this. Thank you!

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  8. Bravo for posting an image outside your comfort zone. It’s always a bit scary, but it’s also incredibly liberating isn’t it? And important I think to see ourselves as others see us. You are strong and beautiful and lovely in this photo!

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  9. I admire your willingness to share this image with us. Neither Jill nor myself would be comfortable doing so. Hopefully someday we’ll get there. We would love to be able to be more courageous in this fashion. That being said, this is such a beautiful image. It literally took my breath away. You are so sexy.

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