A Dark Horse


In the (erotic) blogging community people frequently hide their real identities. This week we want to hear your thoughts on this…

Dark horse:

A person who keeps their interests and ideas secret, especially someone who has a surprising ability or skill

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

I like the expression ‘dark horse’ and I feel it sums my personality up very well. I have never been an extrovert or brash character and, throughout life, frequently felt it was a struggle to find my place within a group of people,  mainly with other women.  I  was often more  at ease in the company of men. With friendships,  I was often overlooked or dropped in favour of what others would probably deem as more exciting or interesting characters. People that I usually considered to be loudmouthed, with shallow personalities. This, combined with other negative events in life, left me with a very low opinion of myself and an assumption by me that I was uninteresting, didn’t deserve to be happy and therefore less important than others.

I never followed the crowd and always preferred to do things a little differently to other people, albeit usually subtly.  For example, I chose a red dress to get married in rather than a traditional neutral colour. I am naturally quite reserved and not a chatterbox, so anyone meeting me for the first time might assume that I am a little standoffish. I also think I display quite an innocent demeanour and  many people in the real world would be quite shocked to discover the real me. I have always been very open-minded, sexually, and am shocked or surprised by very little.

For many years, I harboured desires to show my body off, but never had the confidence or a partner that was interested in exploring this with me. It was only two years ago that I accidentally  stumbled across the dark corner of Twitter through a retweet into my normal Twitter account. I was really surprised to see that sexual content was permitted!  Little did I know that this moment would open up a whole new dimension to my life. My alter ego, Miss Scarlet, was then created and I used Twitter to share tasteful pictures of myself, mainly to improve my own confidence but I also wondered if  anyone would actually find me attractive or desirable. I was amazed at the response I got and at the kindness and positivity shown to me and to others in a similar situation. I then decided to start writing this blog, which was another way for me to develop my self-confidence and to share my thoughts and opinions on sex and body positivity.  As a result of that and being inspired by other users of Twitter and their blogs, I embarked on a journey to rediscover myself, sexually, which has proved interesting and has led to some experiences that I never could have imagined.  I have discovered so much about myself and there are hidden depths still to be explored. I know that I am desirable and I never cease to be astounded and overwhelmed at the compliments I receive, both online, and in real life, regarding my body and  sexuality.

I get a real kick out of the fact that the world sees a sweet and innocent exterior each day, but no-one has any idea about what I consider to be my real identity: the person I show here.  A dark horse.

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My Ladygarden



Back in the 1970’s the big full bush of pubic hair on both men and women really was the norm but times change and fashions come and go and with that so has pubic hair. I think if you really had a huge pubic hair fetish the last 10 – 15 years must have been a terrible time because pubes, especially on women, seemed to have all but vanished. However in the last year or so it seems to be making a bit of a come (growth) back.

So lets talk about pubic hair. What about your own pubes, do you love them or hate them? Are you all about the clean smooth look? Do you shave, wax, or something else? Maybe you are somewhere in the middle, not a full bush but not completely gone either, neatly trimmed, partial shave? Does your partners preference effect how you keep your pubic hair. Is there something about your pubes, or lack of, that you find insanely hot?

How about on others; Do you love to run your fingers through a lovers pubic hair, maybe give it a little twist or pull or maybe you prefer it when things are smooth and bare? Is the presence of pubes a deal breaker when it comes to oral sex or maybe it is the icing on the cake? Have you ever asked a partner to change their pubic hair styling to suit your preferences? Have you ever shaved a partner or been shaved by your partner, seriously hot or not?

Don’t forget that Kink of the Week is not just about personal experiences. Fiction posts are more then welcome, so if you want to write us a story inspired by the prompt then go for it.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Pubic hair

I like to keep my pubic hair trimmed. I am not particularly fond of the completely shaved look on myself, as I have naturally black hair and very pale skin. This combination means that even with the closest shave I would still be sporting tiny black dots and my pussy would probably resemble a plucked chicken.

I do, however, shave the area around the labia as I find that this is fairly easy to do and I love the smooth and silky feeling that it leaves. I am always full of trepidation in case of any little nicks and cuts but, so far, I have managed to avoid a bloodbath. I never use a brand-new blade in this area though, as I think that could result in a nasty accident were one of the fleshy lips to be inadvertently caught by the razor. I also use a tiny pair of scissors to trim any loose ends that I can feel. I would like to say that I shape the hair on top, but I think it is fairer to say that I run the razor around the sides and over my mound until I have something that looks reasonably neat and tidy. The area of hair left ends up being quite small, as I have a tendency to keep hacking away, trying to tidy it just a bit more… If I keep to this routine on a weekly basis, the area is easy to maintain and the regrowth seems to be minimal, which makes the job easier.

I am very conscious of being neat and trimmed when having sex. This worry has impacted on me enjoying the moment, as I have been guilty of wondering if I have shaved my undercarriage properly rather than concentrating on what else is going on. Although, I am more relaxed about this lately.

I have an epilator, which I use on my legs. For someone who is not into any kind of pain, I don’t  mind the feeling of this on my lower legs. However, I have never tried it around my bikini area and the thought of doing  so makes me feel a bit weak and wobbly. And not in a good way.

I am not particularly bothered what other people do with their pubic hair. I do quite like hairy men  but a little trim downstairs is always noticed and appreciated.

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Why I Like Older Men


Food for Thought Friday asked:

Do you have a preference when it comes to the age of your sexual partners? What is it and why do you think you have it?

Is there a limit in terms of age that you will not break? What’s too young or too old for you? Why?

When I was 19 and had not long started my first job,  I found a note under the windscreen wipers of my car, after finishing work one day.  It was from a boy who worked at the same place and he wanted to know f I would like to go out with him one night. He was 17. I was horrified. How could I go out with someone so much younger than me? I decided to give it a try as I had only had one previous boyfriend , who was four years older than me. I did see the younger guy quite a few times, but I never felt really comfortable with the age difference, which at the age of 19 seemed enormous. In reality, he was not far off 18 and I was only just 19, so the gap was not much more than a year. But that was not enough for me and I ended it and broke his teder little heart.

After that, most of the boyfriends I had were my age or up to four years older than me. I was much more comfortable with that situation and it felt it was as it should be. My husband is eight years older than me and that has always seemed like a nice-sized gap.

Since I have been exploring my sexual freedom, I have been approached by guys aged from 18 up to 75; a real spectrum of ages!  Much younger guys really seem to crave the attention of women around my age, but for me, they hold little attraction. I think it is the feeling of probbably being older than their mother, which is a stumbling block for me.

I set my limit at about 40, but I probably would consider someone in their thirties.  I seem to atract, and get on well with, men in their fifities, which I am presently quite happy with and have no complaints about! I have found that men of this age are usually very passionate, but there can be the issue of things not quite functoning as they once did…!  As I have mentioned before, I do find grey hair on a man very attractive and I like men to be gentlemen and treat me as a lady;  I generally find that men within this age group do know how to behave in a gentlemanly way.  I am unlikely to consider anyone beyond this age group, as it conjures up thoughts of getting towards the same age as my dad, which again is a pyschological barrier for me. Although having read of what some of these very much older gentlement claim to be able to do….

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