Wicked Wednesday #8: Getting Older



It starts on the day we are born – we grow older. For roughly the first twenty years of our lives we never think about our age. Maybe some people don’t think about it for the first thirty years. But there comes a time when you do think about growing older. Are you at that point yet? How long have you thought about getting older? How old are you? Do you regret getting older? Why or why not? Come on, talk to us about age, your age! 


Getting older is something that I frequently think about. I am 48 and often dwell on the worry that I have not made the most of my life so far. Although I have done many things in my life, I frequently think about missed opportunities and wish I had made different decisions. Life for me, was supposed to start at 40, but fate had some nasty surprises in store and things went pear-shaped in a big way. However, most of the bad luck relates to work, family, health and friendship and as this is a sex-related meme, I shall concentrate on that theme.

I met my husband when I was 29 and prior to that had had a number of sexual partners, but I would not particularly rate any of them as being outstanding or particularly memorable. Apart from the first one, the rest were all about the guys and their selfish pleasure. I wouldn’t have had the confidence at that age to have questioned it – that’s how it was, sex was mainly about the man.  I have blogged before about my sexual relationship with my husband, so will not repeat the details again, but have linked it here if you wish to read further. But to sum up, at the age of 46, I genuinely believed that I would never have sex again, and had resigned myself to that fate. I felt fat, unattractive and undesirable. Then I discovered the dark side of Twitter and the dream of being sexually attractive and desirable became real. Some other adventures subsequently happened and I started this blog – none of which would have occurred without Twitter.

I feel more sexually confident than I have ever done before, even though I have put on weight. But that confidence still needs to grow and be enhanced through further experiences. I now know what I want and what I don’t want sexually; which I guess is one of the advantages of getting older.  But finding what I want is not proving to be a quick process and I do worry that time may not be on my side. I feel that my window of opportunity is a very limited one. Although I do often feel sexy and desirable, I realise that my age may dictate that this could disappear any time soon.  I know age is only a number, but our bodies usually say one thing, while our minds say another!  I have only just rediscovered sex and I don’t want to lose it again so soon!

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19 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday #8: Getting Older

  1. I completely understand what you’re saying, in a way it’s UT unlucky if you believe in luck that you go to the age you did when you made the decision regarding your husband and the path your decided to take, but I wouldn’t put age as any kind of boundary to anything

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  2. I’m only a year older than you and I don’t even want to think about not having sex in my life. I can understand you not wanting to lose it again now you’ve found it back!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Rebel xox

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  3. cherrytartblog

    I’m the same age as you and I do worry about how much sex time I have left 🙂 Especially as, like you, it’s taken me this long to be able to actually explore the things that interest me.
    I’m just going to carry on exploring and enjoying for as long as possible.

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  4. Mr Drew

    They say that madness is all in the mind and the same can be said about age, it’s not how old you are, it’s old you feel, and don’t forget, you’re one day younger than me. Xx

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  5. mornystannitblog

    48. I’d wondered but never felt I could ask. You’re a bit younger than me, I’ll be 52 in June. At 48 I was railing against the lack of sex in my life. I’m calmer now but it’s still an issue; easier to deal with but harder to do anything about it. Thanks, you’ve made me think xxx

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  6. Take every opportunity that you want to and just enjoy. Grab each day and enjoy it to the full in whatever you do, that’s how I do it!

    Velvet x

    ps I shall be 51 in a month or so, I was 44 when my life changed, its never to late to have lots of fun! 😉

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  7. I know what you mean about “but our bodies usually say one thing, while our minds say another”. But I just keep telling myself that ones mind is the most powerful of our senses. So I just keep trying to command my body to listen!
    I do wish you love and luck on your continuing journey!!!
    Xxx – K

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  8. I thought you were younger than me from your profile pic, I’m 43 in 2wks. I’ve been reading more and more of your blog and find it really inspiring, I can identify with many aspects. When we get some free time I intend to introduce my wife to it and hopefully open up our marriage:)

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    • Miss Scarlet

      Thank for your lovely comment. It’s really good to know that you have found my words an inspiration.

      And interesting to hear about your future plans… Good luck!


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