F4TF#4: What is Sexy?


What is sexy? Is it appearance, is it an attitude, or is it just some unfathomable quality that you see in someone?

As human beings, we are unique. We have differing views and opinions in life, including what we consider to be sexy.  Having sat and thought carefully about what I think is sexy, I believe it applies just as much to appearance, physical acts, attitude, and personal qualities and attributes. Here are some of the things (and people) that I consider to be sexy.

Tall men

Expensive-smelling aftershave and cologne – especially getting a waft as a stranger walks past



The Hairy Bikers

Jersey trunks/boxer shorts

A smile from a stranger

Kindness and consideration for others

Bodily imperfections

Being genuinely interested in the other person and what they have to say

Men with grey hair

A nice bottom

Running my hand the wrong way over very short clipped/shaved hair

Watching a man put a condom on or doing it for him

Curvaceous and voluptuous women


Nails being run across my back or doing the same to someone

Men with a nice rounded belly

Being respectful

Men in motorcycle leathers

Mr Bates, the valet, from Downton Abbey


Greg Davies

Quiet determination


Men who enjoy wearing women’s knickers

Eye contact


See the other thoughts here…  https://foodforthoughtfriday.wordpress.com/



7 thoughts on “F4TF#4: What is Sexy?

  1. I LOVE this list!
    I am in complete agreement about THB but I prefer Kingy!
    What a fab post. Bodily imperfections are very sexy… Imperfect is always sexier than plastic perfection. I have a bit of a thing for scars FYI!
    Wonderful post Scarlett! Mwah!
    Kat x


  2. Nice list, and I hope I measure up to at least some of them myself. For me the list includes many of the same items and more:

    Eye contact
    Self assurance
    Having an opinion but being prepared to discuss and change it

    Not much there about physical shape, I notice. That’s not to say that the body isn’t important (the eyes in particular) but so much of sex and sexiness is in the mind, that it has to be in the mind that the whole thing starts.

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  3. @Mariejeanne26Ff

    I love that post! Found myself nodding away at most of the list (had to Google Mr Bates and Greg Davies 😁). I absolutely agree about the mind being the place where the whole thing starts.

    Liked by 1 person

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