Wicked Wednesday #6 Wanted…


There are so many adverts out there for so many different products, and yes, also for sex and sex products. Do you have a sexy, weird, funny or horror story to tell about adverts for anything sex-related? Come on, share your experiences!

These are examples of some noticeboard/diary messages from a website I have been observing for some time now. It is, as is glaringly obvious, a website for advertising for sexual partners.

The few messages I have picked are quite crude, abrupt and to the point. They are men who just want a fuck.  As a woman, you only get to see the male messages. But I assume there are equally blunt messages from women too.

This is just a example of some of the messages I have seen and not all are like these few – far from it. There are messages of varying degrees of coherence, content and from a  broad range of backgrounds and age groups But, undoubtedly, a good cross section of the male population. And, of course, they can send individual messages to others on the site as well.  I find myself weirdly fascinated by these public messages and by the different approaches in how people advertise for a sexual partner.

I am not criticising these men for their chosen way of satisfying their urges. We all think differently and want different experiences. Having a connection and chemistry with someone is of great importance to me and I would like to know something about the person I am going to have sex with. I wouldn’t be comfortable advertising for a sexual partner so bluntly, nor would I ever respond to something like this. No matter how much I wanted a Friday night shag.

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6 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday #6 Wanted…

  1. understandingflutterby

    Hmm, even when single, the thought of advertising in such a blatant manner turns me cold. I’m much happier, even just for a casual hook up, getting to know someone first. Maybe I;m just weird lol


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  2. Funster

    Sometimes, honestly, all I want is a shag. However, I’m not sure I could fulfill my needs in this way. I think I’d rather masturbate. It’s less trouble and less likely to lead to complications.

    The alternative is to find a friend, or a handful of friends, that you really trust, and with whom you can have a long-term relationship that manages not to stray too far from friendship.

    In my experience this usually involves a long courtship (to use an old-fashioned word) of months, or even years, before any sex. The most important thing is to know and trust each other, and to understand what each other wants. Then the sex can come without pain or worry. You might not get a Friday night shag every time you want one, but you will (if you manage it openly and properly) have something much more – deep friendship with a physical side that becomes part of your life.

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