Sinful Sunday#1: Spring has sprung


I shared this picture earlier in the week on a beautiful, warm, and sunny day, when the daffodils were in full bloom.

Today, the weather in the north west is cold, windy and wet, and the daffodils are virtually dead. So, a nice reminder of a cheeky moment.


FullSizeRender (1)

Sinful Sunday

30 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday#1: Spring has sprung

  1. I took some very similar images earlier this week for Boobday on Hyacinth Jones blog at the end of this month. The whole process made me smile. I LOVE daffodils they are my favourite flowers ever and I love how you have used them in this shot to create a little veil.

    Oh and welcome to Sinful Sunday, I hope you enjoy being part of the community. I am proud of the fact that it is such a supportive and nurturing place and I hope that you have fun being part of it



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